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The Zune HD still exists?

And they are still wanting about $200 for the lowest capacity? They have a “sale” on the Zune HD bundle at Walmart.

I am tempted to get one just because but I don’t know why I would. For one, I have heard a whole heck of a lot about Zune in a long while. I’m not sure if it’ll be a shelved product and if you buy one and it goes bad then you are S.O.L. unless you can find a web site to purchase parts and attempt repairs yourself. For two, I already own an iPod Touch 64GB and am pretty happy with it. The wife would probably Bobbitize me if I bought one.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m dogging Zune. I had a refurbished Zune 30GB I got from Woot years ago and it lasted me about 3 1/2 to 4 years. That’s right…as a refurb! I loved that little brick. It was well worth the $65 I paid for it. In fact, I was supposed to get the dookie brown one and they ended up sending me a black (onyx?) one for some reason. It also came with a neat accessory pack with accessories. I was quite happy with my Zune. I would still be if I would have paid more attention in my attempt at replacing the battery when it finally decided to no longer hold a charge. Long story short, I purchased the battery on a website I found. I opened the Zune and started removing something before I realized I didn’t have to remove shit because I was replacing the battery. But for some reason when I started my repairs, I was thinking I was replacing the hard drive. Dumb ass! So, when removed shit that I didn’t need to, I accidentally broke something off that would have required a very fine point soder and I just didn’t have the equipment…not to mention a few days later I lost the small metal pieces altogether so now I was stuck with a real, non-working brick! I investigated more repair options and found that I could just buy a brand new Zune 120GB for about the same amount of money I’d spend on the multiple parts I fucked up in my “repairs.” Needless to say, I was bummed but I had a backup, albeit bigger, MP3 player in my Creative Zen Vision W.

I really liked the Creative MP3 players. They were very good and much cheaper. My first MP3 player I got off eBay for about $50. It was the Creative Nomad Zen Xtra and it was considered “old” by the time I purchased it. For my purposes of strictly listening to my music, it worked flawlessly. I ran into problems with the headphone jack. It was getting loose and would lose connection. The player was easily opened for repairs and I was able to solder the connection. It continued to work solidly for about two years until I dropped it and broke the headphone connection completely off the circuit board along with parts of the circuit board. Bummer!

I then got a couple of those Creative Muvo 128MB flash players for the kids and they were okay for them. I upgraded them a year or so later to the Creative Zen V Plus 2GB.

Anyway, I think I’m getting a little off topic here. I just wanted to show that I am diverse in my MP3 player purchases. I read reviews. I search the web for the best price. I then ponder on whether I really need it or not. If I do, I take the chance. Luckily, the chance has been worth it so far.

When I first started seeing stories about the Zune HD, I was totally stoked! I didn’t want to get the iPod Classic/Touch because I didn’t want to be stuck with iTunes. I wasn’t all about the apps the Apple provided either. I just want my music, all my music (hence the 64GB Touch I bought), easily accessible in one place. I thought about getting the iPod Classic before going with the iPod touch because I really didn’t need the “touch” part. I’m glad I did as I have used the touch part quite a bit but mainly to support my choice for it over the Classic. I still like the Classic and wish I had 160GB of space just because that’s a lot of space!

So, is it worth jumping on the Zune HD deal? Should I look into the Zune 120GB? Should I get the iPod 160GB? Upgrade my iTouch to the newest generation with the cameras?

Decisions, decisions…

Consider Yourself Randomized!

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